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MediaClone - Computer Forensic Solutions: 

The USA based company provides solutions used by forensic and IT professionals around the world in the field of forensic and information technologies.

MediaClone specializes in the design, manufacture and customization of the following solutions

1) Digital data review, e-discovery, corporate security markets (DF);

2) Information Technology markets (IT);

3) Input Devices (ID) markets

Firma Hakkında

MediaClone was founded by two experienced and creative executives who have been working in the Computer Forensic and IT markets since their inception. Together, they developed and launched some of the most innovative products used by forensic and IT professionals around the world. 

MediaClone’s SuperImager®Plus computer forensic line of products is one of the best in the market today, with extreme hardware that enables to get the most performance from a digital media, easy adaptation to new technologies, and with an application that is easy to use and provide complete forensic imaging suite.


Tüm Hakları Saklıdır: 2018
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